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From Channels and Angles to Z Clips, Tees and Custom designs, Eagle Mouldings is your source for aluminum extrusions in a variety of anodized finishes.

Specialty Aluminum Trims
& Extrusions

Eagle Mouldings is your single source for specialty aluminum trims and extrusions. From standard shapes, to custom specialty and decorative trims, to functional prototype fabrication - Eagle Mouldings is uniquely able to provide your aluminum solutions on spec, on time and on budget.

In addition to our huge inventory selection, we work with top extruders from across the U.S., providing you access to over 10,000 dies and shapes. If we don't carry an item in stock, we'll help you find it, or help you create it to ensure we deliver the right products, at the right time, and at the right price.

Eagle Z Clips (Panel Clips)

The Eagle Z Clip, or Panel Clip, allows you to quickly and easily secure any kind of cabinet, panel, signage, or other application to a wall without the need for face nailing or on-the-job finishing. Check out the complete features and learn how you can save time and money with Eagle Z Clip wall fasteners.

Retro & Nostalgic '50s Aluminum Trims

We are your number one source for hard to find classic, retro and nostalgic 1950's trims. Our retro polished aluminum and chrome-looking aluminum trims are used in building out classic '50s diners, '50s malt shops and '50s kitchens as well as other areas you want to add a retro look to.


Aluminum Slatwall Extrusions

Eagle Mouldings offers Aluminum Slatwall Extrusions to add durability to your project. Our slatwall extrusions come in a stackable version or your choice of several insert versions. To ensure the slatwall extrusions fit perfectly within your panel, we also offer router bits designed specifically for each style. Anodized or powder coat finishes are available upon request.

Custom Aluminum Trims and Extrusions to Fit Your Exact Need

If we don�t have what you need, we�ll help you find it, or help you create it. We work with the top extruders within the industry and will help you engineer and design the perfect die solution for your requirements.

Stocked items are available for purchase and shipped within 24 hours. Other items are readily available with minimum run requirements.

Full Spectrum of Aluminum Finishes

Whatever finish your project requires, Eagle Mouldings can provide it, including:

  • Anodizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Brushed Finish
  • Media Blasting
  • Painting
  • Polishing
  • Chemical Wash

> Many custom Anodized Finishes

Light Fabrication

Eagle Mouldings also offers light fabrication, including:

  • Drilling/Countersinking
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Forming/Bending
  • Punching
  • Deburring
  • Assembly
  • Brushing

> Download the Eagle Mouldings Aluminum Catalog

Designed to help architects, engineers, designers, contractors and the general public, our catalog features in-stock aluminum trims, extrusions, and open dies for a broad range of applications, including:

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